photographic evidence that i’m not my fault.

ok so its very cute to DJ with your willy out when you’re a baby, but when you do this as an adult, people go batshit, trust me.

Already, by dressing us all the same my mom was on shaky ground, but dressing us as gay hairdressers from The Future is surely child abuse?

Another firing squad picture that my mom seemed so keen on. Thats a ballet outfit actually, and you have to be very strong and fit to do ballet according to my mom, fit, strong and have no sense of fucking shame apparently. My brother the little shit seems to have got away with this one.

Thats me coming second in a Pontins fancy dress competition, on my Nan’s recommendation I’ve gone as half-boy half-girl. I never really stood a chance at normality, did I?

This is how I wanted to be dressed any way. What could be more awesome than Spider-Man?

Spider-Man with a big fucking gun, thats what.

People call me a big flirt. This is my Dad. On his honeymoon. That woman is not my Mom.

More when i can be bothered.