Name: Danny Smith

About: An aspiring decadent and drinker with a writing problem. All my friends have babies, jobs and mortgages but I have lots of books and a skeleton marionette called “Senior Carpenter” which I’m classing as pure win.


I was made the Art and Entertainment Editor for the university magazine, Spaghetti Junction, during the final year I was awarded the Union award for Outstanding contribution.

I have been keeping this since 2005, I cover music, gigs, popular culture, travel and my other brain scribbles.

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Guest Blogger for Crib, during a interim period I was asked to fill in for Pete Ashton on the highly respected Created In Birmingham talking about and covering the creative side of Birmingham.

My Pick – Surface Unsigned

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A regular critic for Who’s Laughing Now, the website for Comedy in the west Midlands

My Picks – Hare of the Dog, a review and Comedy Callback

Web Editor for Student Birmingham, a website that introduced students to birminghams hidden hangouts and offering advice for all thing student in the city, as part of this project I also produced and hosted a weekly radio show which was made available as a podcast.

website has since been folded into Visit Birmingham

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A contributor to Birmingham: It’s Not Shit, where I have a regular column and articles that cover everything from music reviews to local news.

I have been contributing to Area and Fused regularly for over a year where I have wrote about everything from hangovers to travel, interviewing musicians to travel articles and everything between.

Area – After Work Pint

Area – Slade1

Area – Slade2

Prospects is a careers for students and the recently graduated I wrote for them a regular job blog chronicling my account of post university job hunting, I was also asked to write a feature article about being a Teaching Assistant.

Blog Posts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Article – Assistants Needed

I am founding co-editor for Dirty Bristow magazine, a self published literary magazine for people that hate the term ‘literary magazine’. As well as sourcing the articles, editing them and getting them illustrated the magazine is funded partly by a series of events that I also run. The idea is that for the magazine to exist in an age of technology and information it has to become a fetish object, so we take our time to collect the best articles and the most stunning illustrations and publish them to the highest standards.

Coming soon, related to this project is Dirty Bristow Radio.

Part of our ethos is that none of the articles appear online but our website is here and if you contact me I can send you a copy of the magazine.