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“for christs sake hurry up, say anything – how many people have you slept with?
“Well the amount of people I’ve slept with varies depending on, who’s asking, the amount I can remember, and what you count as ‘sex’. – the number is normally mid teens” calmer now she arches an eyebrow
“that’s not a lot at all”
“well I was a late starter, I hadn’t even kissed a girl until I was eighteen” I say
“Bullshit” she explodes, nearly doing a spit take with the icy blue gin smelling drink I don’t remember arriving.
“straight up” I say “here’s another secret about me – I’m shy”
“double bullshit with a side of lies” she shouts again incredulously “you’re a cocky shit, I’ve seen your Facebook pictures, heard your radio show and was there when you flirted with all them girls, you are not fucking shy” I look over at the bartender and she is squirming at the loud swears.
“Keep it down” I say under my breath.
“Net Nanny” she shoots at me
“Hussy” I shoot back “Look I AM shy, its just that my coping mechanism for that shyness is to act as if I’m not” she leans back and pinches her lips together, squinting.
“I’m not buying it” she decides
“I’m not selling it, and besides that’s four”
“four what?”
“four secrets” I say “I’m over halfway. What else you want to know?”