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The prayer Hadouken!

What: Uk Grime meets Nu-rave over Game boy samples and then rapes a Bloc Party favorite, manages to be refreshingly young without being juvenile, fun without being naff and lo-fi with out being cheap.

When: Trying to convince yourself you aren’t that old after finding your first grey pube

On call Kings of Leon

What: Southern indie from sons of a preacher, Slow burn bass with building scratchy guitars and whiskey blues voice which, while not technically brilliant, has something better; character

When: While waiting outside of a police station for your friends to be released from the drunk tank

Band aid covers a bullet hole Scarling

What: Bouncy, chunky Goth-influenced track sung by Betty Boop’s slutty sister, whose voice lands on the good side of the annoying threshold. Infused with spangly, noise distorted guitars that counter an almost subliminal driving bass.

When: Trying to cheer up the Goth your trapped in a lift with.

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