I love the sun, really, I can lose hours idly following shafts of sunlight across the living room floor, dozing or devouring books. Whole afternoons ticked of my life’s tally rolling around my quilt in the back garden. I don’t tan. I don’t burn, and my eyes are horribly sensitive to light. But after a day of sun induced lethargy I feel better than I do after a night of, what I laughingly refer to as, sleep.

The sun has gone in now and an afternoon breeze is making my girlfriends hair sway slightly as if she was on a photo shoot. She is reclined on our giant, furry, neon pink cushion reading The Wasp Factory (I am almost jealous that she gets to read it for the first time, I love that book). My too large sunglasses are hanging on her face making it seem even more delicate.

I’m writing now just to kill time while the BBQ warms and the beers cool. I’ve got to admit I am a bit spacey from the sun, its funny how bright sunshine turns the higher functions of the mind off for a bit. I’m not sure if I can get my people-head on in time, I may have to slip into some trousers and a tall gin and tonic before the guests arrive.

As the pedestrian patter of a forgettable DJ punctuates equally forgettable dance tracks, the smell of a whole nation of BBQs is mixing with the smells of curried meats and spiced rice that is unique to my neighbourhood at tea time. They say that smell is the biggest trigger to memory and smelling BBQ on a sunny its hard not to be nostalgic. Christ! I’m too young to be wistful. I’m getting another drink.

Welcome to summer everyone.

ps just a quick plug for a couple of blogs i havnt mentioned before.
first the reason i decided to start a blog in to begin with – the lovely Belle
and secondly my lovely GF who, i hate to say it, writes really well – Clumsy Bum