Found on the floor by a bus stop (thank you louise), I like to think that this was a piece of homework about eating healthy or what-not; (sic)

Whos the fat sheep
yo, were not fat sheep
we keep in shape
eating healthy

Grease + fat aint my thing
so get your ass outa burger
king cummon!

This is the part where I break
it down, for all the fatties eatin
burgers at Mc Donalds. What
you should eat is fruit veg +
meat, if ya dont ya bellys
for keeps, veg goes in, veg
comes out, fat goes in and
dont come out. ya know

Here comes the 2 to the
3, to the 4, of
(?) Kfc buckets
outside the door, then fatty
says he wants one more


I was about to kick is but
out the window

Here comes the 4 to the
5 to the 6, exercise is how
ya wanna grab a chick, its
also known as flab bustin


Hey, who ate my pies yall

possibly the best chorus to any song. ever.