“Do you want a fag?” I hear from behind me
“No thanks I’ve quit” comes the reply, with no small amount of self congratulation, I turn round and see a chubby with a beaming smirk and a baby “safe for work” Mohawk.
“I only have three vices” he smugs “sex, drugs and rock and roll”. I audibly sigh and cant stop myself from muttering “twat” under my breath, he’s wearing a t-shirt too small for him with a cute slogan on – “I may be fat but your ugly and I can diet” – typical victim behaviour, attack them before they attack me. I have gamblers blood, not in the bottle under my bed, that’s hooker’s blood, but in my veins. At least three members in my immediate family have a gambling compulsion, so I try to stay away from wagers of any kind but I AM willing to bet this guy was a victim from the start, another tired bit of bully meat re-inventing themselves as soon as they hit college and away from the flicked wet towels and being pushed down stairs.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll? I doubt whether he’s been offered any, and would probably turn away red faced if even in the same room. Is it the empowerment of angry music and the scary demeanour that attracts the lame zebras to this particular sub-culture? Is it the community that comes from being in the minority? The tolerance of the fat, weird and socially backwards? Are our standards become so low that this fake ass posturing has become the norm instead of the minority? I know a little of my perception may be put down to nostalgia. An old man banging on about his “glory days” but there has been a definite shift in attitude from then to now

“they got the guns but we got the numbers” sang Jim Morrison, my friends we no longer have the numbers, banality and indifference won, and they did it without firing a shot. Our clubs are closing, our pubs are empty save for the old old timers and our ranks are made up from losers that think giving up smoking is “rock and roll”.

I’m going to end on a quote from a friend:

“The purest, simplest and easiest form of rebellion is to simply get out there and start living the life you’ve always wanted to live, regardless of conventional logic or your personal comfort – when you are truly alive, you won’t give a flying fuck about being tired or a bit hungry”. – Johnny enigma

Now that’s fucking rock and roll.