Don’t ask how I landed there but read this;

i did’nt even know that dragons had vents

Note how the name is very similer to this guys name

“are you a dragon? I am”

After reading this with a couple of my housemates, one of them said
“I bet I could write one of them” my reaction was almost immediately
“No fucking way, that guy has some serious issues” but still she maintains that it is possible to write something as fucked as that. So gentle viewer,the challange has been set, impress me with deviancy.

I want the best dragon/gay/otherkin stories, the most disturbing wins a prize. A real one. remeber you will be marked higher if it sounds as if it was written by a sexually disfunctional uber nerd who has probley never seen a girl, let alone fucked a dragon. my email link is in the sidebar.

ok guys the links appear to be broken you going to have to copy and paste like old-school e-primatives

first –
and the next –

its worth it and probably NSFW

add- i just finished mine and your going to have step up the weird if you want to compete