My mother is effectively crippled, last week she fell in the rain and fractured her leg in two places; the upshot of this is that she is encamped on the sofa in the front room which is wildly inconvenient because the time zones we occupy are disparate to say the least.
Writing here isn’t always the cathartic vent I make it out to be, in fact sometimes it takes downright discipline for me to sit down in the same place for five minutes, so being stuck on the sofa for up to five weeks would probley boggle my mind in two.
If you get a spare couple minutes send get well soon vibes her way, if nothing else so she can hurry up and get out of the front room so I can watch late night BabeCast.

And just for all you word hungry Puck junkies out there this happened a couple of weeks ago

I was coming out of a coffee shop after drinking a dangerous amount of caffeine with String, as usual I had put on my MP3 player and bopping along, the sun was shining for the first time in six months and all was right with the world, god help me I was actually smiling. Just then I saw a woman bopping along with her own stereo, really going for it, swinging her shoulders and rocking her head, it was a cool moment until our eyes met; you could see she was deeply embarrassed. Now I didn’t want to be the guy that stops her dancing, so I, thinking fast, decided to make her feel at ease by looking her square in the eye and busting the Electro Robot, thus showing her how I was on her side on the whole dancing to your stereo issue. She looked at me with a mixture of confusion and disgust, like I had just pissed on her kids at Christmas and calmly carried on squeezing her tight rucksack on her back. Shit.

Does this sort of thing happen to other people?