In a ever changing world one can take comfort in the certainties; fat people on trampolines will always hurt themselves, horses and small rodents will always hate me, and buses will always have at least one selfish moron who thinks playing the lastest macho drivel rap through a tiny tinny speaker of there achingly new Nokia 5519 slimshank (or whatever) is impressive and imbues them with an air of irresistible hipness.

And as surly as we finally get rid of 2005s piss ridden corpse, we get a spanking new 2006 to abuse, fuck, lick and generally mishandle. Its hard not to be excited (and little aroused).

The viewer of the sharper eye may have notice the subtle changes to the links portion of my sidebar, the purpose is twofold; I really think you should read those pages and I use this website as my home page so its handy to have them all in one place. “but what are they” I hear you all collectivelly shout “we don’t have time to read stuff, we’re busy people with things and diaries, we can’t meander on the hypernerd interwheel all day like a lacklustre, cowboy hat wearing, student.” well stop fucking moaning, because I’m nice I’m going to describe exactly what’s on the other side of those links and I like my hat so bollocks to you.

Barbelith– an intelligent subculture internet discussion message board that doesn’t resort to name calling or mom jokes (and when it does, its does it passion and flair). I am not as active voice on there as much as I once was but I still lurk.

Livejournal– I have friends there.


Everything is wrong with me– describing himself as a “quasi-internet celebrity” this hugely popular blog elf is not only funny but also very funny as well.

Loon Hole– Twisted with hateglee, I have known this guy for more years I care to count but he never ceases to shock and awe

Rhymekak– one of the most talented people I know shares his rhyming brain words when he can be arsed

Victorian Robots In Love– also a friend, a bastardly good writer one. And a genuine mentalist with probably the best blog name ever.

Luvox Nation– A cheerful meander down insanity lane as we gradually watch my freind unravel and re-reval. Twice as funny as “Prozac Nation”.


Vice Magazine– a gloriously decadent and alternative voice screaming swearwords into the black hole of modern culture

Modern Drunkard Magazine– booze, booze, booze, booze, booze, booze, and booze

Jamrag Magazine– Fresh local art magazine.

Art Projects

Gonzo Eyes– my developing art project phlog, needs uber tweaking but still kinda snapshot of my world.

Neon Whispers– a photo gallery of a past project, words and text by me.


Warren Ellis– the comic writer and all round bad egg continues his campaign to become “internet Jesus”.

Red Meat– Nobody does the three panel gag better, deviant humour to fill bland, average days.

Planetman– spanking good local band see “bad music kills the soul” post below for details LINK Be-artch.

Thank you for your paitence, and if i cut you from the list and still want to be included, get in touch.