I love living in the city, my brain needs the constant distraction from my own dark kill thoughts if I’m honest. Also wonderful things like yesterday happen.

Yesterday was a hard day to begin with. We had a show to hang. A job made all the more difficult by one factor, the standard of work was fairly low including a couple of pieces so poor we wondered is some people had accidentally got the title of the show “size matters” mixed up with “rubbish ideas with half assed production values”.

While nipping out for lunch, I got approached one of the normal leaflet slingers that litter the streets, normally I see them a no more than another obstacle. But as luck would have it she caught my eye contact and I felt obliged to stop and she told me there was going to be a free street gig by Supergrass that night.

So after the show was hung, we go for a beer and a chat. Load up at the off-license and check it out, sure enough tucked under the overpass in front of the mailbox is a professional, if small, stage and about a hundred bemused looking urbanites wrapped up in gloves and scarves clutching cans of beer. Then bathed in pink lights out walk Supergrass, the band, for real. And they rip into their set starting with “Caught by the fuzz” for a while they alternate new material with old favourites and finish with three classic tracks that have the less jaded portion of the crowd bouncing up and down.

Then as quick as it appeared it disappeared the techies broke set and left a bunch of pleased and slightly confused spectators.

Ok so it was a cynical attempt by a major mobile phone network to gain “street cred”, but i didnt have to sign up for anything.

and I bet you don’t get that in Norfolk