Ok I’m trying to keep up the momentum by regularly posting here, but to be honest not much as happened since I got back.
I am currently lieing on my big warm bed wondering how long I can use jetlag as an excuse to do fuck all. At the moment I’m thinking until I’m thirty.

To say I’ve done nothing is a bit of lie; today was spent digging up roots in my Nan’s new garden. And so the run of good karma continues at this rate I’m going to have to stab a nun just to even up the cosmic scales.

To the left of me is a mountain of unread books, while I was away my awesome mom continued collecting second hand books from the place she volunteers at, to fill up space here is a list;
Foulcault’s Pendulum – Umberto Eco
The Dreamtheif’s Daughter – Micheal Moorcock
The Fourth Hand – John Irving
Count Zero – William Gibson
Wrong About Japan – Peter Carey
The Football Factory – John King
Charlie Big Potatoes – Phil Robinson
Falling Out Of Cars – Jeff Noon

The most prized item she rescued is a skeleton marionette I call Senior Carpenter (because he looks a little bit Spanish and a little bit like Karen Carpenter)