You know who i hate? you know those kids from that documentery? you know the one where there all spelling and looking cute trying to win that thing? yeah?

i hate them.

anyway on another note, i had my results from my slide test today and apart from a slight ticking off for making things up instead of revising i had this comment.

“I am wondering about your spelling, which is fairly wide of the mark – have you ever been tested for dyslexia? If you do have a problem like this, it could be slowing you down. You clearly have a lot of ability and a very good use of language, and i would like to see you do better in your written work.”

yes i know your all shocked as i am ‘how dare she say that?’ i know your all crying. but i think there may be a glimmer of truth. My biggest fear is if i do take the dyslexia test and it turns out i DONT have it- does that make me just run of the mill thick?